The First Thing You See Reveals A Lot About Your Subconscious Fear


Consciously, we are all aware of the fears we are struggling with. However, rarely do we know what is hidden deep in our subconscious mind.

Look at the painting below. What is the first thing you see in the picture? Remember your answer and find out its meaning in the text that follows.


You probably have phasmophobia. It’s a subconscious fear of evil spirits. Sometimes you fear that ghosts will appear and haunt you when you are most vulnerable, especially when you feel confused or when you are falling asleep.


This means that you are subconsciously afraid of death. You fear both of your death and the death of your loved ones, especially if you have already lost a dear person in your life.

This traumatic experience has affected your subconscious mind that you can’t even bear the thought of losing someone you love.


If you saw a butterfly you probably fear of betrayal. This means that you have been either rejected or hurt many times in your life.

You try to hide and repress this fear, but every time you are supposed to start a new job or accomplish your dreams, you have to face this weakness.


If knife is the first thing you saw, it means that your subconscious fear is a deadly illness. You fear of having a terminal illness which will make you suffer and eventually die.


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