What You See First On The Image Reveals Your Subconscious State Of Mind


Sometimes the way we perceive the world and the things which surround us can reveal much more about our subconscious state of mind than we are actually aware of. What we see at first glance reflects the components of our personality and character.

The picture tests are always an effective method of discovering our true self. The following picture test will reveal some elements of our personality which we might have not been quite aware of.

All you need to do is just have a look at the picture and say what comes first to your mind. Then read the brief explanations to find out the results.


• An explosion – if seeing an explosion is the first thing it came to your mind,this means that you are extremely creative. You use your imagination a lot. If you have not had any contacts in the field of creativity yet, then you might be a hidden talent. Engage yourself in a creative pursuit. Take up some creative hobby or activity. Expect surprises – your creative juices may go wild.

• Two hands – seeing two hands reveals that you are a grounded person with good imagination compared to those who saw explosion in the picture. You are very rational when it comes to decision-making processes.

You think logically and therefore, problem-solving is a piece of cake for you. Practice logic more often, it will only bring you benefit. You stay calm under pressure and people who know you well often seek advice from you.

• No particular shape – if you can not see any particular shape in the picture, then this means that your mind is exhausted and you need to take a break. You are probably too tired to work properly.

In such cases you should listen to your mind and what it tells you to do. Maybe going for a vacation and taking some time off can be helpful especially if stress and pressure are part of your everyday life. Do not take all in. You have to release it from time to time. Talking with your family or friends and sharing your worries can be of great help, too.

• A tree – this means that you are detailed-oriented person. You have an eye for details and thus you are a real perfectionist. The tasks you perform are always flawless. These traits make you a good business person or even a people’s person.

You exactly know when and where to approach someone regarding a problem. You are also good at comforting people in need.

This picture test might look easy but it is actually incredibly important and useful because it shares information regarding your mental state.

The above mentioned results will lead you to get to know yourself better and it will also reveal the steps you need to take in order to improve your mental health or benefit from your present mental state.


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