9 Super Comebacks To Deal With Rude People


We often have love/hate relationships with our spouses, bosses, friends and families. But never allow someone’s comments to ruin your day. You can always speak up and defend yourself, but always do this in a positive and polite way.

If you don’t know how to deal with such people, try using these comebacks every time you encounter rudeness:

– Simply laugh

Laughing may surprise the other person and make them feel embarrassed for making rude comments. So if some of your relatives brings up a recent break-up at dinner, just laugh to make the moment less serious and show them that such rude comments don’t affect your mood.

– “I love myself and I love you”

This phrase may be useful in situations with your partner, family or friends. Express how much you care about them and want them in your life, because when they hear it, their rude comments will lose their power.

Also, this will surprise them and make them unprepared for a right response. These words will prompt more positive discussion and lighten up the mood.

– “You always say negative things ”

This comeback takes the attention from of you and onto the other. This will make the person rethink their choice of topic for conversation. So, if you make them realize their rude and toxic behaviour, this will benefit you in future situations with the person.

– “I agree”

Even though a lot of people hate saying this, it will benefit you and make the other person think he/she was right. And it will also end the conversation. Although you may not be very satisfied with this, it will also lower the enjoyment of the other person.

– “You almost hurt my feelings”

This will show the other person that you successfully avoided their negativity when you say such a sarcastic comment. Also, this a mature way to deal with them and stop them from adding more remarks because they will understand that they can’t hurt you.

– “Do you really think that comment was necessary?”

With this comment they will meet a calm and collected you. You show that you want to talk things through sensibly and decently instead of getting an irritated response. Moreover, this will give them a chance to apologize.

– “I’m done with this conversation ”

If you are still angry to respond in a calm and adult way, just end the conversation. Don’t let the conversation proceed just to keep your dignity.

– “I really appreciate your perspective“

This is a very intelligent approach that will show the rude person that you want to be an adult with regards to the argument. Have in mind that these rude comments in fact reflect the shaky perception of the person about himself/herself.

Even though they try to hurt you, you shouldn’t allow this. Just show them that you will proceed with the argument calmly and decently.

– “Thank you“

When you use “thank you,” after a rude comment you show these people that you won’t allow their comments to hurt you. “Thank you” suggests that you respond to the thoughtful comments of others. However, in this case, you will acknowledge their rudeness.

This will immediately shut the other person down once they understand that the words don’t affect you.

Always have in mind that you are the one who chooses how to react in almost all situations. So, why don’t you choose happiness? This will keep your thoughts and actions positive and show the other person that rude comments don’t affect you.


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