13 Of The Biggest Secretes In Life Forgotten By Mankind


The society we live in has been deconstructed by modern living. The old ways of life have been replaced by new modern ones. In addition, as a result of the rapid pace of life, the nature of the world is based on forgetting, i.e. we forget older experiences, thus making ways for new ones. Humanity has a habit of forgetting its history.

The urge for individuality and capitalism on the society has formed the world we live in today, a world which has already forgotten to kook after itself. Here are some of the ways which has reconstructed the ancient lifestyle:

1. People have forgotten that they are only one aspect of the cosmos. Even though people consider the Earth as the center of the universe, they have forgotten that they are one small part of it.

2. People have forgotten their place in the nature. The respect nature deserves in not emphasized in the way they treat it. Deforestation and pollution are cases in point how the modern way of living does not respect the nature.

People knew how to navigate the world – where to find fresh water, shelter, etc. Necessity connected them to nature and they will not be able to survive without that connection.

3. Modern methods have replaced the ancient, tested methods, which have been proved as efficient. People have been treated with ancient medicine for many years. However, these ancient medicines have been discarded with harmful chemicals and drugs.

4. People have forgotten that the human path is on-going and infinite; it does not come to an end. The human arrogance made people think that they do not have to learn and develop as individuals.

5. The everyday tasks made people forgot that they have aims. The urge for separation and greed has replaced the need to take care of others and be generous.

6. People have forgotten the need for love. Love is the force that drives people to form a family, to look for a job, to find a partner, etc. However, nowadays, the need of love has been replaced with the fear of hate.

7. People have forgotten to forgive each other. Forgiveness is the main weapon for a life full of happiness and love. The modern way of living has made people to hold grudges against each other.

8. People have forgotten that they are free. The modern way of life has lead people into thinking that they are slaves of their everyday tasks. They were bound to fear, materialism, false ideologies and held to laws and rules.

People have forgotten that they are free agents of change. The consumerism and mass media has made people feel incomplete, even though they should not take care of unimportant things.

9. The government made people feel that have control over them and that they are not free. People are told that they should obey the laws. However, people have forgotten that they are not caged animals.

10. People have forgotten the lessons taught by the history. They have forgotten the number of innocent humans who dies in the wars. Even though people are aware that war is not a solution to people’s problems, each year innocent people are send to death, which can be easily avoided.

11. People have forgotten that simplicity is a key to happy life. In fact, people should actually forget the materialistic pressure and enjoy in the things given to them by the nature and the earth.

12. People have already forgotten the wonder of the world. They consider that have become masters and revealed all the secrets in the world. However, they are not aware of the infinite wonder that the world offer them. They should not look at the world with fresh eyes.

13. People have forgotten about the herbal medications. Somewhere on the planet, there are uncontacted tribes that know a lot about the benefits of these herbal natural medicines.

However, nowadays, nearly all illnesses and diseases are treated with synthesized medications, which means the people’s health depends on the big corporations that manufacture these chemical medications.



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