The Cozy Home That Can Be Built In Only 6 Hours For 33k Dollars


Nowadays the cost of housing is in constant increase all around the world. Therefore, many families have decided to invest in tiny homes. However, some people have invested in building sustainable, off-grid homes which enable them to live peaceful lives while thriving in nature.

If these options sound good to you, look at the house designed by the Italian architect Renato Vidal.

As a solution for skyrocketing, Vidal has developed a flat pack folding home which costs about $33,000. Moreover, it can be assembled in various flat locations just in 6 hours.

According to Bored Panda, the building is seismically safe and it is created with high-quality materials. It comes in different sizes as well, for example, 904-square-foot design which costs $73,000 and a 290-square-foot home for only $33,000.

These houses can be assembled to go off-grid. Their structure pairs well with grey-water systems, solar panels and LED lighting.

After payment, the house usually arrives in about 60 days. Its structure includes kitchen connections, a bathroom with sanitary facilities, technical installations and a staircase.

As the company reveals, these homes are safe, comfortable and highly customizable to meet your needs.

Here is how this innovative abode looks like:

M.A.Di is just as same as an ordinary house. However, everything that is below the exterior is literally outstanding.

The interior, on the other hand, has modern open-plan style.

The abode doesn’t need to be built on a concrete foundation since that allows the structure to have no impact on the environment.

The flat pack folding house costs only $33,000 and can be assembled just in 6 hours.

Here is what it looks like when completely built: