The Differences Between Spirituality And Religion


Non-material subjects often face lack of knowledge and confusion and many people nowadays fearing manipulation find it difficult to differentiate religion and spiritually as two different concepts.

More precisely, people perceive spirituality as something very mysterious and strange. However, the truth is that spirituality is actually a very if not the most natural thing in the world.

It is a reflection of our conscious self-recognition, a mirror of our infinite soul. This article aims to focus on the differences between religion and spirituality in order to bring the concept of spirituality closer to understanding.

Spirituality does not set rules to follow. Instead it sets you free by allowing you to reach deeper in your soul. It does not function on the principle of punishment and reward. Instead, it encourages you to listen your heart and your intuition. It guides you to do what is right for you and become better and happier person.

Fear is usually the driving force in religion. People fear the consequences of their actions, they fear death, they fear life after death and the notion of hell if not living life accordingly.

However, spirituality has nothing to do with fear. Actually, the concept of fear is non-existing in spirituality. What is important and existing in spirituality is love. Spirituality wants you to focus all your energy on the good and act only on the grounds of love.

Any choice made out of fear will affect your soul negatively whereas every decision based on love will empower the same. Love and goodness will make you braver and no longer afraid.

People have always wanted to know how the universe was created and what is the reason for our existence in this world. Unlike religion which tries to tell you what is the truth behind these questions spirituality does quite the opposite.

It lets you discover the answers to these questions by yourself. And most importantly, it does not set limitations regarding the amount of knowledge and understanding you will gain in doing so.

There is not just one religion in the world. There are many which all have their own truth. All of them preach that the story which they support is the right one. However, spirituality does not see just one truth but it unites all truths because it believes that truth is the same for everyone and knows of no differences.

Spirituality promotes the Law of Attraction believing that what you give is what you get. That is every person’s karma.

Finally, spirituality encourages people to create their own path, to be the creators of their own story instead of following the stories about angels and Gods. Every person has their own spiritual journey of enlightenment and self-discovery on which the limitations are set only by themselves. It strengthens the trust in your heart and what it tells you to do.

Spirituality is all about love and goodness, it is about being truly beautiful soul without setting borders, race or cultural separation. It is definitely the greater good of mankind.


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