According To The 70 Years Old Prophecy The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Rapid Waves Of Cosmic Electricity


Known by his spiritual name Beinca Douno, the Bulgarian Master whose real name was Peter Deunov was a person with an elevated level of consciousness, an incomparable musician and a true example of wisdom, purity, creativity and intelligence.

Not long before his death, while he had fallen into a profound trance, he made an incredible prophecy about the troubled epoch today, a prophecy about “end of time” and the occurence of a new Golden Age of our humanity.

This is his deeply touching testament. It’s so current and spirited that one may doubt that these words were uttered almost 70 years ago.

“With the passing of time, man’s consciousness traversed a long period of incomprehensibility. This phase we live in today, is very close to an ending. Now we found ourselves at the frontier between two major epochs: the epoch of Kali Yuga and the epoch of the New Era that is emerging.

We already feel gradual improvement in our thoughts, sentiments and acts, but soon everyone will be subjugated to the divine Fire, that will cleanse and prepare us for the New Era. Man will be raised to a superior level of consciousness. That what I mean by saying ascension.

Few decades will pass before the coming of the Fire which will transform our world by bringing new moral. This Fire will come from the cosmic space and will include the entire earth. Every person that will attempt to oppose this wave will be transferred elsewhere.

Even though not every being on this planet has the same level of evolution, everyone will feel this new wave. This transformation will not just affect Earth, but the entire Cosmos.

The only thing that we can do now is turn to God and raise his vibratory level, in order to achieve harmony with the wave that will submerge him.

The Fire will rejuvenate, reconstruct and purify everything: it will refine matter, our hearts will be freed from anguish, incertitude and troubles; everything will be better, elevated; all negative thoughts, acts and feelings will be destroyed.

This life we live now is slavery, a prison. You need to understand the situation you are in and free yourself from it. Now it’s time to exit from your prison! It’s really sad to see all this misleading, suffering, incapacity to understand where lies our true happiness.

Everything around us will eventually disappear and collapse. Nothing will be left of this civilization and its perversity; the whole world will be shaken and there will be no trace of this erroneous culture that keeps people at the mercy of ignorance.

Now the planet is following an ascending movement and we should all force ourselves to harmonize with its currents. Those who refuse to go with the currents will stay behind in evolution and will need to wait millions of years until the new ascending wave. Our planet, our solar system, is being put in a new direction of Love.

In this new future, all will be conquered by Love and all will serve for the purpose of Love – money and power will be gone. But it is only through suffering and hardships the consciousness of man is awakened.

There will be hurricanes, floods, giant fires and strong earthquakes that will destroy everything. There will be blood, revolutions, terrible explosions will follow around the world.

After all this sufferings, those that will survive, the elite, will see the Golden Age. So keep peace and keep your faith during the suffering and terror, because those who are just will persist.

Humans will travel around on different planes of space and finally break through the intergalactic space. They will finally be able to know the new Divine World.

These founders of this new civilization are the Children of Love. They will be a representation of a new type of men. People will form families like large bodies, and will each represent a specific organ of this body. In this new race, Love will be perfect unlike everything we know now.

A new culture will appear, resting on three main principle: elevation of woman, elevation of the humble and meek and the protection of the rights of all.

Soon, the planet will be swept by incredibly rapid waves of Cosmic Electricity. In a couple of decades bad people won’t be able to support their powerful intensity. They will be gulped by the Cosmic Fire that will consume everything bad they possess. This will make them repent because every flesh shall glorify God.

But people don’t know what dangers they are threatened by. They still follow futile goals and seek pleasure. But the new race will be aware of the dignity of their role and will the liberty of every being.

With the new era, people will stop sinning and will rediscover the virtuous path. The climate will be moderate everywhere and there will be no brutal variations. The air will be purified, as well as the water.

People will have favorable conditions to grow and develop. The planet will be a blessed place. But before, we will have to face great sufferings in order to awaken our consciousness. All these sins must be redeemed. Humanity must prepare for great hardships that are going to end the egoism.

We are approaching the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute this old, an new order in which Love will once again reign on earth.”


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