The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Car And What To Do In That Situation (You Have Only 30 Seconds)


Most people cannot imagine their life without the basic means of transportation. As a result, many people are simply addicted by their vehicles or in particular their cars in order to do their everyday activities.

So, they find their cars to be very practical and useful way of going to work, doing the shopping, visiting friends and the like. However, each time they enter their cars they should be quite aware of all the hazards awaiting for them on the road.

Of course, most of them are careful drivers and consider the road safety very seriously. The question we dealt with here is not the road hazards but the water hazards when driving your car. You may think that fatality due to vehicle submersion is not at all common but according to the data in North America, for example, there are approximately 400 deaths per year due to vehicle submersion.

Also, another research published by Gerren K. McDonald and Gordon Giesbrecht in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine shows that vehicle submersion has the highest mortality rate compared to any type of single-vehicle accident.

Many times we have seen a sort of “romanticized vehicle submersion” in the Hollywood movies showings us characters who remain in the car while it fills with water.

By waiting the car to fill with water in order to escape these film makers create a false image of the reality i.e. in reality the amount of time you have in order to get out of the car is quite small so you cannot simply stay still and wait while it fills with water. In this article we will present several steps that you need to do in order to avoid sinking car and thus save your life.

1. Getting out of the car.

Do not panic before the water impact. After your car hits the water you will have around 30 to 60 seconds to get out of the car before it gets completely held under water. You must remain calm in order to be efficient in the small amount of time you have.

2. Undo the seat belt.

Seat belts are your enemy in this case even though in all other cases of car crash they are rather helpful. Get your seat belt off as fast as you can and encourage the others in the car to do the same.

3. Open the window.

In situations like this manual windows are ideal but taking into consideration that nowadays most cars have electronically controlled windows it means that seconds after your car hits the water the circuits are most likely to stop functioning thus making it impossible for you to open the windows. You must open the windows before the car hits the water or at least before the water reaches the windows since once it does it will be impossible to open the window due to the water pressure as well.

4. Exit the vehicle and swim to safety.

Leave the vehicle using the closest window. Do not open the vehicle door because the water pressure will make this difficult for you and it will also increase the amount of water entering the car. Finally, swim away towards safety.

5. Call the emergency services.

After you successfully escaped from the car you can call the emergency services. Do not attempt to do that while you are still inside the vehicle because it is a waste of precious time. If you do not have a phone, or your phone is waterlogged find help after you step on dry land.

6. Put children in the first place.

Children are a priority in this situation, they must always exit the car before adults. You must bring them to the front seat so that they can exit through the window. First get the oldest children out and carry the younger ones who can’t swim or babies with you.

As mentioned above, electronically controlled windows can be a huge problem due to several reasons. If you cannot open the windows due to electronic malfunction, you will need a tool for window breaking. Fortunately, they are very cheap and do not require much strength when used. You must always keep such tool in your car within reach.

The brand ResQHammer costing only $14.95 is a practical breaking window tool as recommended by the expert Dr.Gordon Geisbrecht who trains individuals in underwater vehicle escape. This hammer has a stainless tip used for window breaking and plus it has a knuckle cover as protection from broken glass. Another inexpensive tool which is recommended in such situations is ResQMe Keychain. It is a small tool with spring loaded mechanism which shatters the glass.

It is very convenient and compact, easy to carry and store within reach. If you can’t open the window fast enough or you can’t break it there is still a chance, even though small, to escape. When the car is totally under water the water pressure will equalize which makes it possible for you to open the door. However, in order to do this, you need to hold your breath in such high-stress situations thus making your chances for survival slight but not impossible.

When the car is entirely submerged, open the closest door using your feet as extra strength if necessary, do not open the door too soon because the pressure will not allow that. Use the door to allow yourself and the other passengers exit the car towards safety.

By educating yourself on vehicle submersion incidents you can avoid such situations in the first place. Educate yourself and your family regarding the steps you need to take in order to safely exit the car. Make the situation less stressful by staying calm. Invest in window breaking tool.

Practice using the tool with protection gloves. Avoid high water situations especially if you live in a flood zone. Finally, avoid any dangerous situations on the road because it is better to stay safe than be sorry.


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