An Alien Observation Questions Whether The Moon Was Put In A Place Before 4.53 Billion Years

In the distant past, the Moon swung much faster than today, and as a result of some consequences, its swinging began to gradually decrease, so that now it is completely tied to Earth. On the Moon, there are remains of titanium, mica, neptunium 237 and uranium 236, even though it has been discovered that these elements do not appear naturally. So, what is happening exactly?

The Moon, a loyal satellite of the Earth, has always been an obsession for the people. The Moon, which is thought to have been created nearly 4.5 billion years ago, represents one of the most enigmatic and largest natural satellites in the solar system. A lot of information about the Moon was the main cause why a great number of researchers and scientists investigated its main purpose. They were investigating why the Moon swings at the same time with the Earth, always presenting us the same side. And why it is necessary for the life on Earth.

Nowadays, a great number of UFOlogists from all over the world predict that the Moon is actually an enormous base, where extraterrestrials overlook the advancement of the humans. Even though this prediction may seem totally strange to some of the readers, there is a limited number of details about the Moon, which simply cannot be explained.

R. Brett, a NASA’s scientist, stated that it was easier to define that the Moon does not exist than that it exists. Based on the studies, if the Moon does not exist, then it would have probably been difficult to live on Earth. For instance, the gravitation of the Moon creates both body and ocean tides on the Earth. Enigmatically, at the moment, the Moon is distant from the Earth nearly thirty times the diameter of the Earth, and is much larger compared to the Earth: about a 1/81 of its mass and ¼ of its diameter. What is more surprising is the fact that the Moon swung faster in the past, but until recently, its swinging started to decrease gradually and to closely tie to the Earth.

However, if the Moon functions, as some of the researcher thought, and if it really represents an artificial structure, would not be there something that will reveal its enigma? To add, if we take a close look from another perspective, there are really some interesting facts about it. Namely, based on the studies, the Moon is formed of a compact shell, which is nearly twenty miles, made of strong resistant materials, like titanium, uranium 236, neptunium 237 and mica. Certainly, these elements are not expected to be discovered inside the Moon.

In the 1970s, the article ‘Is the Moon a creation of Alien intelligence’ was written by A. Shcerbakov and M. Vasin at the Soviet Academy of Science.

Is it likely that the surface of the Moon is very solid and does it really contain minerals, such as titanium? Enigmatically, some lunar rocks have been discovered that consists of processed metals, like mica, brass, neptunium 237, uranium 236, which were claimed to be never formed naturally. So how were they found there? The element uranium236, which represents a radioactive nuclear waste, mainly is included in the processed and nuclear uranium.

What is more surprisingly is the fact that neptunium 237 represents a radioactive element, which appears as a product of nuclear reactors as well as from the formation of plutonium.

It has been discovered that some lunar rocks consists of ten times more titanium compared to the rocks on earth that are rick in titanium. On Earth, titanium is mainly used for spacecrafts, diving submarines and supersonic jets. It cannot be explained.

According to Dr. Harold Urey, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, stated that he was completely astonished by the discovery of rocks on the Moon by the astronauts as well as by the presence of titanium in them. The samples of rocks could not be imagined and were exhilarative, because the scientist could not believe that they contained titanium.

What seems more incredible is the great orbit of the Moon. It represents the only Moon in the solar system that has got static, almost perfect circular orbit. It has been proved that the Moon does not rotate like a natural transcendental structure. Moreover, our Moon has not any similarities with the other Moons in the solar system. If it was not surprising enough, from all points of our planet we can see only one side of the Moon.

What does the Moon hide…..why have people stopped traveling to the Moon?



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