Here’s The Most Important Factor In A Relationship According To A Psychologist Who Has Counseled More Than 1,000 Couples


We all want to know what the most important factor in a relationship is.

Some people believe that it is honesty, while others believe it is communication.

However, according to a well know psychologist, who has coached over than one thousand factors, it is not honesty or communication.

This psychologist claims that the most important quality that a relationship must have is respect.

Those who have been in a relationship with no respect between the partners, know what this psychologist is saying.

A healthy relationship must have respect. However, in modern times, we don’t pay too much attention to this quality.

Meanwhile, without respect, there is no trust and without trust there is no relationship.

These are the reasons why respect is so important in a relationship.

What is respect?

Respect in a relationship means that there is no authority over your partner and there is no need for agreement over everything. Respect means space for both of the partners’ judgments and opinions.

If there is no respect and trust, the partners and their relationship cannot grow.

There is no one to blame if there is no respect in a relationship. Probably, there was respect in the beginning, but it disappeared with time.

What to do?

If your partner does not respect you, you should no compromise yourself. This is not a healthy relationship.

You have to question whether is worthy to invest your time in love in this type of partner. If you allow a relationship without respect, you are preventing your own personal growth to happen, as well as the growth of your relationship.


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