The Scientists Suspect That The Universe Is Self Conscious


Panpsychism is one new scientific concept that was recently discovered by the scientists. This new concept can change a lot because according to it the universe itself is able to be conscious.

For many years, scientists have been trying to discover the mysteries of the universe, such as where we are from and why we are on this planet. According to recent research, we could be very similar in spirit and substance as the other things in the universe. There is also a self-awareness of the whole universe.

According to scientists, the living organisms change their behavior when they find themselves in bad situations. This is the reason why they have consciousness. Now, the experts are trying to measure the levels of consciousness.

In one of their experiments, the scientists are going to wire the brains of two mice to see if the information between the 2 brains will transfer and function as one system.

The dominant theory of consciousness says that a system is able to control itself and determine its destiny or fate. However, even some systems that are not organic and biological can also show consciousness.

Even though panpsychism is only in the phase of experimentation, it can change the entire world of science completely.


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