A Hidden Land That Exists Within Us – The True Legend Of Shambhala


Shambhala, symbol of the heart’s Chakra, is shown as a lotus blossom with eight petals.
There are numerous ancient texts that speak about mythical and magical lands. This is extraordinary and exiting, especially because modern science has proven that many things written in Vedic philosophy, Buddhism and other Eastern traditions do exist.

Recently, quantum physics is especially popular. The connection between it and consciousness is often discussed. Even some of Nikola Tesla’s thoughts and ideas have become part of Eastern philosophy. Even though it is not a well know fact, many famous scientists were also mystics. Even Isaac Newton studied alchemy among many other things.

Even though there are differences, there are also many similarities between quantum mechanics and Buddhism. They can be seen in the best human thoughts of all time. We should also always remember that the great scientists and minds of the past were only humans just as us.

Dalai Lama

The knowledge hidden in ancient texts should never be dismissed because there is a connection between the knowledge that we have nowadays and the one written in these ancient texts.

However, we are often quite selective about which ancient texts we believe in and in which not. For instance, we believe in the description of Socrates and Plato about the ancient Greek society. However, when these same philosophers speak about an advanced ancient civilization, we often choose to ignore their words.

So, we accept the things that we considered to be facts and we choose to dismiss something that we have not experienced even when there is evidence that these mythical texts might be true.


Numerous ancient texts that come from different traditions speak about a different world that exists within our own. One of these worlds is Shambhala, a hidden world within our own. This world is difficult to find and is beyond our understanding. It is mentioned in both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Spiritual world

According to Dalai Lama,

Some people are able to get into this world through their karmic connection. However, this is not a physical world. This world is perfectly pure and no one without a karmic connection and merit can get into it.

The words of Dalai Lama are pretty similar to the spiritual principles that were given by Plato and served as a guidance of Atlantis.

According to historians, before the sinking of Atlantis, the spiritual inhabitants were aware of what is about to happen because they were no longer on the right path. These people left the continent carrying the secret and sacred doctrine of Atlantis and settled in Egypt, where they become divine rulers.

According to contemporary theosophical tradition, Sambhala is a real district or land even though no one was able to find it. This is the land where the greatest spiritual leaders live. Sometimes, from this land, come people who carry intellectual and spiritual work in our world.

Shambhala is shown as a lotus blossom with 8 petals, but it is round. This is both a physical and spiritual land. Many scholars believe that this land exists within a different dimension.

According to a research carried out by BBC, Shambhala is a lost kingdom, located in the Himalayans. The name appeared fist in a text called Wheel of time teaching or Kalachakra tantra. This text belongs to the Buddhist tradition.

The people of this land follow the principles of Buddhism and leave in complete harmony and peace. They don’t know about sorrow, grief and war.

According to some other research, Shambhala is a land located in a valley that can be reached only through snow peaks, like lotus petals. In the centre of the land there is a crystal mountain above a sacred lake.

There is also a huge palace adorned with pearls, lapis, gems and corals. In this land, there is no corruption and destruction. There is only wisdom that is there to save the world when needed.

According to the prophecy of this land, there are 32 kings that will rule for one hundred years. The conditions in the outside world will become worse and the reign of these kings passes. In the outside world, people will become obsessed with power and war and materialism will become dominant over spiritualism.

Ultimately, a tyrant will appear that will rule the world with terror. Then, the world of Shambala will appear. The kings of Shambala will go into a war with this tyrant and at the last battle peace will be restored.
The evidence

According to legends, there are people who entered this land and never returned. There are also people who have died on this journey and some connections between this secret world and extraterrestrial beings. UFOs have been often tracked both on land and ground and pilots who were sent to intercept them speak about seeing them.

There are many documents and testimonies about this phenomenon. Even former NASA astronauts have spoken that there is evidence that alien civilization has been contacting and visiting our planet.

There are also stories who speak about UFO saucers coming out of the ocean and that these civilizations have been existing inside of our planet.

There are also people who say that they have visited the hollow world. Richard Byrd, the first man who fly over the South Pole and a high ranking officer in US Navy, speaks about the visits of this place. Apparently, this man saw an opening while flying over the North Pole.

In his diary, Byrd wrote about what he saw, including vegetation, rivers and lakes. In one of his travels to the North Pole, Byrd was on a mission to establish a research base on the Antarctic.

This is when he came in contact with a flying machine. The aliens told him that they were worried about our planet and especially about the development and production of nuclear weapons.

One Russian explorer also said that Shambhala was located in the north. He learned on his travels that this land is nothing like the Earth. The entrance of this land was deep in the high mountains in the north.

According to this researcher, our world is the mirror of this land. All the achievements and advancements that we have are created there for us.

According to this different research papers, the entrance of Shambhala must be in some mountain ranges, in Antarctica or the Himalayans. However, no one can enter there if it is not invited previously.

Where to find information about Shambhala?

It is really difficult to find credible sources that speak of Shambhala. The works of Edwin Bernbaum can help you find rare Tibetan texts, myths, legends, etc.

The current knowledge about the Earth’s core

What we know about the Earth’s core today is just a theory based on assumptions. There is evidence about the composition of the core, however it is not direct. We cannot obtain samples from the interior of the Earth.

No one has seen the interior of our or any other planet. There are also no instruments that can help us see the inside, so today we have only theories.

No matter what, there are many great minds that believe that there is something hidden and majestic inside our planet. For instance, Leonhard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians believed that our planet is hollow and inhabited.


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