The Twin Towers Were Destroyed By Controlled Explosion – Claims An European Research

New evidence recently appeared that show that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of a controlled destruction. Still, there have been a lot of questions, even after the government’s speech about the destruction of the Towers on 9/11 was made public.

According to the local authorities, the fall of the Twin Towers was generated as a result of the extensive heat inside the Towers, which was immediately followed by a plane crash. So, the evidence mainly points out to a controlled implosion.

Investigators and examiners, who were working on this particular case, have not been able to accurately get across what had exactly happened, and even have questioned the validity of the government’s speech.

According to the national Institute of Standards and Technology in the UK, in 2002, the explanation of the collapse was total absurd, since until then, there were no any similar collapses of high-rise buildings, mainly as a result of fire, and yet it was totally unusual to happen three times in a same day.

However, bigger emphasis was put on the validity of the government’s speech in the ‘Europhysics Magazine’ by A. Szamboti, a mechanical design engineer, S. Jones, a professor of physics, and T. Walter, a director of the non-profit organization ‘Architects and Engineers for the 9/11 Truth’. According to them, all the gathered evidence has proved that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of controlled destruction. Also, for them, the collapse of the Twin Towers cause by a fire was totally illogical for several reasons.

Namely, they pointed out that fire cannot last for a long time in one particular area so that it can create so excessive heat that will destroy the safeguards of a building, like the World Trade Centre. Also, after the examinations of the steel that had been used for the construction of the high buildings, they also found out that the heat has to go up to 660 degrees in order to generate melting of girders, which was also impossible to happen due to the suppression of the fire systems, which were found throughout the whole building.

Also, the collapse of the Twin Towers seemed a bit complex, since the structures of the buildings were not connected to each other in order to prevent any collapse. It was also strange to think that the construction of the Twin Towers was not with all the safety mechanisms that are used to prevent any serious damages, like plane crashes or fires.

Even after the experts showed their evidence, a video of the collapse of the Twin Towers revealed the truth about the controlled destruction. It clearly showed an immediate and symmetrical fall of the Twin Towers, which made the experts not being able to explain how it actually happened. The experts are still in search of some new evidence about the fall of the Twin Towers, even though it is not known if that evidence will be true.



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