The Universe Has Already Determined Your Life Long Partner


You probably don’t know, but the universe has already determined your soul mate and your life long partner.

The stranger thing is that your own soul knows about this. You will soon learn the plans of the universe. When you meet this person there will be an immediate attraction between you two and you will not be able to control this magnetic attraction.

This partner will always support you and you will feel that you have known this person forever. In fact, you are already in a committed relationship and you are not aware that this is happening.

Even though this sound pretty absorbed, it is not. It is perfectly logical and can be explained.

You have to learn to trust your inner voice. That voice, often called your gut, is always right and speaks the truth.

Even though you cannot explain that instinct that you have and therefore you ignore it, you have to stop with this. There is no evidence to support the existence of this gut feeling, but this is a very powerful feeling.

Work influence

The question that arises from this theory is why you have gone through so much failed relationships before meeting your true soul mate. The answer is that everything happens for a reason and there is time and place in this world for things to happen.

We cannot make influence people’s feeling and make them love us. We cannot keep a relationship when something is not functioning properly because the two people in the relationship have to work together and be in that particular relationship together. You will never find happiness and love if you force a relationship.

We have all been part of relationships that were great at the beginning, but at the end they failed. These relationships may seem hard, but they happen to teach us. You learn more about yourself and your weaknesses and strengths.

Learn about yourself

You have to be true and honest to yourself so that you can be in a good relationship. We all make mistakes, but we have to see them as life lessons. This is a soul searching experience.

Listen to your heart

When you finally understand yourself, you learn to live from the heart. Your partner does the same so you start loving each other with a complete trust and not a small bit of jealousy.

Your relationship gets stronger when you have a bit of freedom in it. Paranoia, jealousy and fear only bring stress and not happiness.

You will be successful

Marriage that last is really hard to find. This happens because the partners’ hearts don’t remain connected. When you are single, you are pressured to find a partner and you forget about soul searching and settle for whatever partner comes your way.

However, love cannot be forced. True connection is needed for a relationship to last and flourish.


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