14 Things Only Loners Understand


Being a loner is not a negative thing. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company instead of being surrounded by a group of people.

Loners are people who do whatever they want with their lives, without having to give explanations to others. Today we are going to present you 14 things that loners want you to know about them:

1. They observe everything

Loners love watching other people and they don’t let anything get by them. This helps them to better understand the people in their surroundings.

2. They hate gossiping

Unlike other people, loners don’t enjoy gossiping. They prefer talking about more important issues and they love deep and meaningful conversations.

3. They are prone to over-thinking

Loners are over-thinkers. Since they spend most of the time on their own, they are deeply introspective which gives them the ability to analyze every situation.

4. They love writing

Most loners enjoy writing. The inspiration comes to them naturally and they write quite well. Many famous writers and poets were loners.

5. They are mysterious

Loners are believed to be weird and mysterious just because they prefer spending time alone. However, this doesn’t mean that they hide some dark secrets and untold crazy stories or that they are crazy themselves.

6. They are patient

Loners are more patient than others since they don’t usually have anyone waiting on them. They are kind of people who can sit and watch the night sky for hours, or observe their surroundings while waiting for a bus without complaining.

7. They are mellow

Loners are mellow and they don’t like when they feel uncomfortable, since such situations are quite frustrating for them.

8. They are adventurous

Loners see the entire world as their playground, since they love travelling and taking risks. They can do whatever they want without having to adjust their behavior to fit the needs of others.

9. They like long walks

Loners love nature and they enjoy taking long walks. They love walking alone since other people may distract them. Long walks clear their minds and give them a sense of peace.

10. Loners make the most out of every situation

Loners can find something entertaining in every situation. If you give them rubber bands and paperclips they will be entertained for hours.

11. They rarely attend parties

Nothing can keep their attention like a good book, good album or television. These people would rather enjoy a good film, music or TV show rather than attend a party or spend time with their friends in a bar or a club.

12. They consider marrying another loner

Loners want to marry a person who loves spending time on their own too. Otherwise, the relationship will never work for them.

13. They hang out only with small groups of people

These people don’t like hanging out with a large group of people. Instead, they feel more comfortable being in a small group, since they love deep and intimate conversations.

14. Being alone keeps their sanity

Even if they are emotionally attached to someone, loners would still try to spend some time on their own since that helps them keep their sanity. They believe that this can be also helpful to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.


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