12 Things You Are Doing But People Don’t Understand You Because Of Your Alpha Personality


We are all aware what the traits of an alpha person are, but they cannot realize that this type of personality influences our actions.

These are the common things that an alpha person can do.

  • You are extremely blunt that you sometimes even hurt people’s feelings

            You don’t want to sugar coat things, even though people can dislike this. You are realistic and people have to learn that the truth can sometimes be hurtfull.

  • You will do what you said you would

            You will do the things you said you would. You also expect for the other people to do the same.

  • Less talk and more action

            Talking is a waste of time. It is better to take action that to discuss your plans with the others.

  • You like to spend some time alone

            You love your independence. Therefore, you want to have time for yourself away from everything else.

  • You don’t allow someone to push you around

            Even when someone is subtly trying to push you around, you can sense those vibes. You will not allow this to continue. However, other people may see you as an aggressive person due to this. However, you are not aggressive. You are only trying to stand up for yourself.

  • Your beliefs are extremely strong

            If you believe in something, you will not change your mind quickly. In fact, you are pretty stubborn. On the other side, this is not a bad personal trait. This means that you stand behind what you believe in.

  • You always do what you love

            You cannot deal with a life that is full of activities that don’t have a point. You prefer spending your time on activities that you enjoy and activities that have a real purpose, at least ones that bring you fun and joy.

  • You are not concerned about what the other people think or say about you

            You are not worried about impressing other people. On the opposite, you love doing things that make you feel happy. If the others don’t like what you are doing, you are not worried at all.

  • You are very territorial

            You are very protective when it comes to your territory. You try to protect it from both things and other people. You will not allow others to abuse your own territory. If someone does it, there will be consequences.

  • You seem that you are bossy, but in fact you aren’t

            Sometimes you may seem bossy to other people. However, you don’t want to have a bossy attitude to other people. In fact, your character makes you doing some things in a particular way, so you sometimes have to lead the others.

  • You can be picky

            You are a perfectionist. You also don’t want to waste your precious time. Therefore, you are very picky about everything. However, when you finally made your pick, you will stick to it.

  • You always work hard

            As an alpha person, you put the maximum effort in every task that you are assigned to. You will do anything until you complete the task. This characteristic is especially helpful at work. You will be extremely successful there, because you are always extremely productive and finish everything


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