These Scientists Claim That Time Travel Is Possible

As reported by some researchers there are multiple timelines in the parallel universes. According to them, these parallel universes can influence one another.

Dr. Michael Hall and professor Howard Wiseman from the Griffith University Center for Quantum Dynamics believe that the existence of parallel universes is not a science fiction.
Dr. Dirk Andre Deckert, who is a researcher from the University of California, rebuts the conventional theory regarding the space and time.

If the theory of multiple and parallel universes turns out to be true then there is a possibility for time travelers to visit our planet and the scenario of what may happen could be played out in those parallel universes as well.

The team’s theory offers a completely new perspective regarding the quantum theory which is considered as a very complex aspect of physics. As reported by Wiseman, this idea concerning parallel universes was established in 1957.

He also added that every time the physicists make a quantum measurement each of the existing universes divides into a cluster of new universes. Many possibilities were realized, for example in some of these parallel universes the Earth has not been struck by the dinosaur-killing asteroid, while in others Portugal colonized Australia. However, some critics raise the question whether these universes really exist since they do not affect our universe in any way.

Taking this into consideration the researchers’ approach in proving this theory is completely different.

This theory claims that our universe is only a part of various other enormous universes, some of them being identical to ours and some of them being completely different.

As reported by The Express, these universes are real and exist on the very same timeline. However they communicate only if they hit each other.

Hall stated that this theory offers a completely new understanding of the physics which is being supported by recent scientific researches rather than just confirming the facts written in the rule book of physics.

According to him, the theory they have established will either reduce the Newtonian mechanics, if there is only one universe or reproduce quantum mechanics if the number of universe is larger. Nevertheless, it predicts a totally new aspect which cannot be related to neither the quantum mechanics nor the Newton’s theory.

The establishment of this theory offers the scientists the ability to create different mental images which may help them to plan various experiments in future in order to exploit and test the quantum phenomenon.

Last month other researchers claimed that human souls continue to live after death.

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