Tommy Chong Says: ”I’m Cancer-Free” Because Of The Right Diet And Hemp Oil


For great number of people, cancer diagnosis indicates death. But, for Tommy Chong, his cancer diagnosis represented a way to educate himself.
Tommy, famous for ‘Cheech and Chong’, considered his cancer diagnosis to be a way to alter his life thoroughly. He did as he planned – he treated cancer just with natural medicines.

In May, 2013, he announced that he was cancer-free. Everyone wondered what his secret was. He claimed that he fought against cancer only with natural medicines and hemp oil.

Tommy wrote down on his web page that the treatment, which could be performed just in Mexico for $25.000, was the best alternative to treat prostate cancer (stage one). However, he made a decision to find out his own alternatives. His nephew, who lived in Vancouver, helped him to meet Dr. McKinnon, in British Columbia.

Except changing his diet, Tommy was helped by Adam Dreamhealer, a well-known energy healer and by Rick Simpson and his ‘Phoenix Tears’ – Hemp oil remedy. Chong on his Twitter account announced that a healthy diet and food supplements, in combination with hemp oil, effectively treated cancer. He added that he was feeling well in his years.

Unluckily, the insufficient number of studies about cancer treatment still has side effects on the health of millions of people.

However, the experience that Tommy shared with the others should serve as evidence that people should take up natural cancer medicines more positively, and the importance of hemp oil as a natural medicine (as well as the green industry products) cannot be restrained.

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