He Says That He Traveled In Time And Spent 2 Years In 2749, But His Answers Will Give You The Chills!


A man named Al Bielek supposedly traveled in time. He revealed what he saw in the future, where he spent a month and a half in the year 2137 and 2 years in 2749. Most of the events he experienced and described are happening right now. Example of these are the terrible climate changes and the takeover of the New World Order.

There was a secret government project in the United States called the Montauk Project. It was carried out at Montauk Air Force Station, also known as Camp Hero in Long Island. The aim of the project was to carry out intriguing research, such as time travel and to develop psychological warfare techniques. There are many controversies and allegations about the experiments performed in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Experiment was carried out on the 13th of August, 1943. On this day, Al jumped of the USS Eldridge. He described what he remembers from this day.

The first thing he experienced was being in the hospital for a month and a half. He was recovering from injuries caused by radiation. Duncan Cameron, his brother was also there.

The medical treatments in the future involved light and vibration.

The TV programs that could be seen were news programs and educational programs mostly.

He also saw the changes that the Earth went through. These changes were geographical and began in the 21st century and lasted till 2025.

For instance, the interiors and coastlines of Europe and the United States were very different than today.

The level of the water had risen, so The Great Lakes become one big lake and the size of Florida was reduced.

Canada and the United States were no longer a nation. There was no central government.

The Earth’s magnetic poles started to shift, so an artificial pole was created and held the poles in order.

The population of the US was 50 million people and the whole world population was 300 million.

Al claims that he found out that the government has been in corporation with aliens till the year 2000.

There was a war between Russia and China on one side and Europe and the US on the other.

The government can destroy nuclear waste and radiation damage in several days, but refuses for political reasons. This technology is later used to clean the radiation which came after the Third World War.

Al later found himself in 2749 where he remained for 2 years. Everything was run by computers, there were floating cities that moved everywhere around the world and the government was a floating crystal structure.

The society was functioning perfectly and everyone’s needs were taken care of.



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