5 Brutal Truths About Life That Will Make You A Better Person


Life is never easy. Many times we have to go over obstacles in order to survive and continue our life journey.

We often deny the existence of these difficulties because it is too hard to face them. However, even if they are hard to confront, we need to stand against them if we want to have a free and full life.

According to the beliefs of Buddhists, we can achieve happiness only if we accept and embrace all the aspects of life, including the negative ones. If we don’t do this, we would be resisting the natural forces that exist in our universe. We will be also turning a blind eye to reality.

Below in this article, you can read about 5 truths of life that according to the Buddhists could be beneficial. However, we need to accept them in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

• There is no point in constant worrying

Worries are something that is created by our minds. There is nothing beneficial for our lives if we worry constantly. If you worry about something, it does not mean that that particular thing will not happen. Worrying is just a waste of your precious time. According to Buddhist masters, we have to remain present in the moment. We must not put labels of the conditions of happiness that will come in the future.

There is no accomplishment for you if you worry constantly. Even if you worry more than most people, it will not affect or change the world in any way. Actually, the worrying will bring anxiety and you will feel even worse than before. Even though the things in your life are not aligned as you would want them, you should be content. You should be aware that you are always trying your best. We will not be able to help anyone if we don’t live in every life moment deeply and we don’t know how to smile and breathe. You have to be happy in this moment. You should not ask for nothing more. You should not expect for any additional situations or happiness. It will not bring you more happiness if you expect more. You have to stop grasping and running after things. According to Buddhism, the most important thing in life is aimlessness.

• You must understand reality to be happy

According to Buddhists, we must understand the reality if we want true freedom. We have to be curious and open to every truth that appears in our lives, instead of concentrating on our opinions and ideas.

Often, we try to avoid negative situations, thoughts and emotions and we try to be positive. However, we need to confront, understand and accept those negative emotions and thoughts in order to achieve freedom.

We have the choice of questioning or not questioning our own beliefs. We can accept our vision of reality or we can challenge it. According to Buddhism, we have to remain curious and open. We have to learn to dissolve our own beliefs and assumption. This is the best thing a person can do.

• Change is inevitable

Everything has to change. The weather, us, etc. however, people often try to prevent the change and keep the things constant and fixed. This goes against the natural forces of the universe.

On the other side, if we accept change, we will gain energy and freedom that will bring positive change in our own lives.

We have to accept the change actively and try to bring positive change in our life. Change, attempting and pioneering are connected to birth, morning and spring.

• Pursuing temporary feelings bring suffering

We believe that happiness brings euphoria, joy and excitement, but there are temporary feelings. Constant pursuit of temporary feelings brings suffering.

Real happiness comes from inner peace or being happy with who you are and what you have.

The pursue of temporary feelings leads to constant dissatisfaction, restlessness, suffering and tension.

The mind will never be happy, even when we have pleasure, because it will be scared that the pleasure will disappear. People have to understand the impermanent nature of feelings and stop craving for them in order to achieve true happiness.

• Meditation reduces suffering

Meditation can help us realize the impermanence of our feelings and that the present moment is the most important thing.

In meditation, you have to observe your body and mind, release your feeling and understand that is aimless to pursue them. When you stop the pursuit, you will become clear, relaxed and satisfied with the feelings you are experiencing. You will learn to be happy in the present moment and not dream about what might have been.


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