10 Nonsense About The Universe That Even The Most Famous Scientists Refuse To Accept

You should not believe in everything that you see and hear. These facts will reveal you the secrets behind these myths.

• Closest doesn’t mean warmest

The distance between the Sun and the planets does not affect how high or low the planet’s temperature will be. The hottest planet in the solar system is not Venus, but Mercury. The average temperature on Venus does not go below 462 degrees, while on Mercury the average temperature is 420.


• The form is not perfect

The shape of the Earth is not precisely flat or round, but elliptic. In fact, the Earth is a bit wider at the equator. The surface also changes constantly due to the tectonic movements and erosion. The shape of the Earth is like a potato or a pear.


• Yellow or white?

We all have colored the Sun yellow when we were young. The Sun has different colors that vary between yellow, orange and red throughout the day. However, the Sun is actually white. The reason why we see the Sun as yellow is that only the yellow color can pass through the atmospheric barrier and reach the Earth, while the other colors are stopped. This also shows why the sky is blue during the day and dark during the night.


• Spacesuit

This is needed in space. However, this does not mean that our head will swell and explode if we remove it. The low atmospheric pressure is deadly for the lungs, heart and organs only.


• Burning ball

The Sun produces light and glow due to the nuclear chain reactions. It is not a burning ball, but a light ball.


• Twin planets

It was believed that Venus is the second Earth, but life on it is not possible. This planet is fatal, without life and nothing like the Earth.


• Mont Everest is not the highest planet in the solar planet and it is not the highest planet on Earth

Mountain Olympus on Mars it the highest mountain in the solar system, reaching 27 kilometers. Mont Everest is only 8.8 kilometers high. The mountain Mauna Kea in Hawaii is 4.2 kilometers high. However, if its underwater parts are measured it is 9.1 kilometers high.


• The black holes are balls

The black balls are in the shape of a ball and they are invisible. There is no one side that will suck you up. You will be sucked in no matter from what side you approach it. They are like huge planets with enormous gravity.


• Sounds in the universe

The universe is a vacuum and there are no sounds. However, your voice on Mars would be higher due to the thin atmosphere.


• Shiny and beautiful

There is no dark side of the Moon. We cannot see all the sides of the Moon as the Earth and the Moon rotate simultaneously. The rays of the Sun reach all the parts of the Moon, so there is no dark side.



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