I Deserve To Be Loved, Valued And Respected And So Do You!


You are not selfish if you believe that you deserve love and respect. It is normal to want to have a happy soul and to find a place in the world where your heart will feel satisfied and secure.

You should not feel weird if you say these words out loud. You will be rewarded if you convince yourself and declare that you deserve love and respect and that you are one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. It is your right to be valued, respected and loved.

If you believe that you deserve to be loved, you must know how to love other people as well. We all deserve to experience love. Love makes us better and gives us a chance to express ourselves. Love is freedom.

We all deserve love from the people that are part of our lives. First, there is love from our family members, then from our friends and then from our romantic partners. They should love us maturely and consciously. This love must be mutual as well.

There is nothing better in love than to be respected, valued and loved by the people around us.

We all deserve peace and light. We don’t want storm and darkness.

The people who are unhappy and treat you with neglect, indifference and contempt don’t know what love is.

When we love ourselves and the people around us, we are creating a beautiful world both inside and outside of us.

We all know how important is to love yourself and build up your self-esteem. Self-esteem helps you understand and define yourself. In this way, the world will understand you better as well. Self-esteem will make you love yourself, enjoy yourself and protect yourself. It is extremely important.

It is essential to love yourself first. However, we live in a social surrounding, so few things must be know and remembered if we want to be part of our society.

• If you learn to love yourself, you also learn that you deserve to be loved by others around you. Always search for love that is happy and not full of tears. Love is full of sincerity and not sarcasm. Love has no place for manipulation, only for collaboration and closeness. Love is wonderful, not something miserable. Love never tries to control you.

• If you learn to love yourself, you also learn that you deserve to be respected by the people around you. You should never allow you or your thoughts and words to be discriminated. Try to avoid people that say dishonest and offensive words, because you can get hurt. Set your own boundaries, know your limits and learn to protect yourself.

• If you learn to love yourself, you also learn that you deserve to be valued by others for who you are and what you do. It is not shameful to want to be valued as a person. The people who value you, also love you. With valuing people you give them a place in your world. You give appreciation, presence and voice to the people you love, value and respect.

Be loved and love

We know the limits that we need to set in order to protect our own rights. In the same way we must know that as we ask for respect, love and be valued, we also need to offer these same things.

However, there are two gaps in the emotional world. The first one is loving someone intensely and not receiving love in return. The second one is not knowing to love in the same manner as the others love us.

Some people only know how to ask for something from others. They need recognition, to be served, to be the priority, to be listened to and above else to be loved, even more than the others love themselves. These people are persons that destroy everything.

If you want love and respect, you need to love others consciously, sincerely and humbly. You have to have open eyes and heart and be prepared to give everything to the people around you. However, remember to expect love and recognition in return.

Loving someone and receiving love is a characteristic of human beings. We must know to love and receive and appreciate love.

Parents need to show affection to their children. Couple must have love, admiration, passion and affection for each other.

To love maturely means to understand and value the people around you and to recognize them as part of your life.

We all deserve love that is sincere and gives happiness instead of sadness.


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