Here’s Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman


High intellect and complexity may be highly sought in men. However, these are not the traits which are sought in women. In general, women are primarily cherished for their physical appearance i.e. their physical beauty plays the key role in determining their desirability.

Thus, the remaining features which deal with their intellectual and emotional intelligence are frequently put aside. Having so little attention on these traits it may be surprising to hear that women possess many qualities which go far beyond the beauty factor and even though some men may find them irresistible the majority will probably feel threatened by the same.

Furthermore, these traits can leave deeper consequences and affect the private life of women. As a result, women who are characterized with such qualities are most likely to stay single. The reason for this is that most men cannot handle intellectually complex women.

More precisely, women of this type primarily ask too many questions and let’s face it men are not really prepared to answer question about what things make them happy or about their life ambitions.

These questions cause insecurity in men and if they can not answer them, then women will simply consider them as waste of time. These women have exceptional communication skills. They possess the ability to lead long intellectual conversations as well as to listen and solve arising conflicts.

Women like this embrace both intellectual and emotional intelligence. They are in touch with their emotions and most importantly can control them. These women receive the attention even though they do not ask for it. They naturally attract compliments and do not beg to be noticed.

It seems that they are naturally followed by a spotlight. Honesty, is the key component of an intellectually deep woman. She always tells the truth and possesses direct nature which can make most men nervous. She expects man to be consistent to their behavior and given word.

Men should not bother if not prepared to be honest and form a strong bond with their other half. These women have strong intuition and they can easily read through men.

They want to reveal themselves so they would learn about his ambitions, goals as well as vulnerabilities. They know what they want and will not settle for anything less.

They cherish intimacy in a relationship and seek for independence. Passion is another distinguishable characteristic applied to these women. This means that they are hot-blooded and live for the day.

Being highly emotional and not afraid of sharing their thoughts they are not characterized as drama queens. Instead, they prefer not taking life too seriously and finding comfort in laughter and the positivity that life brings. Such intensity may be regarded as a disadvantage by many men.

This passion and strength does not let indecisive, hesitant men enter a woman’s life. Finally, this woman may simply walk away if the man is only interested in casual dating.

True love is what she strives for and if a man does not give her the true love she deserves, she will fly away from him.


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