Why Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone That Waste Time With Unworthy People


Relationships are never easy. Many of us have had more than one in our lives which was not as successful as we expected. And even though we might find dating fun and incredible, many argue that it is simply a waste of time.

The same may apply to being in a relationship with a person who does not show any respect towards you. Women are complex and very frequently identified as extremely demanding creatures.

Of course, this is not far from reality but when we talk about facing reality these traits are not as bad as they seem. The fact that a woman decides to stay single should not be considered a disadvantage simply because she does not find men with capacity to fulfill her demands.

Many women experience troublesome relationships with men who can be described as jerks. This may seem an inappropriate word and maybe a little bit offending but let’s face it men are over-rated when it comes to their share in the relationship.

In addition, why would a woman who knows what she wants need a man who does not call her or shows no respect towards her, a man who lies or cheats, a man who wants her to change.

Women are actually quite aware of the” qualities” the man by her side possesses but sometimes they unconsciously choose to ignore them believing that people are not perfect and things will change. Reality check for all those women – he will not change!

The argument for this is that everyone has flaws and should be accepted as imperfect creatures but certain actions like lying, cheating and disrespect are conscious choices. Many women enjoy being single.

They can do whatever they want every day without being judged about spending hours on beauty treatments or watching their favorite shows on TV.

Women who can not embrace the concept of being single so easily should take into consideration that being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely.

Actually, people can be lonely even when they are in a relationship. They should know that they do not need to have a guy to feel free, to do what they want, to explore the world.

They should see themselves as powerful, free-willed and independent creatures. They should not allow to be fooled by the cool looks and sweet words and they should not be afraid to be single.

Being in a relationship or dating does not necessarily make you happy. Being happy means feeling free and comfortable. The best advice for women insecure about being single is:

– enjoy life because it is too short to waste it ;
– stop making sacrifices for others especially those who lack respect;
– stop wasting your energy, nerves and time on people who do not deserve that;
– be strong and fierce;
– live your life and do not let others judge you for your choice;
– be aware of your wishes and know that you deserve love and affection and finally, but most importantly,
– love yourselves.


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