Here’s Why The Older We Get, The More We ‘Hate Everyone’


You realize that you are constantly talking about how you hate other people? It is true that the older you get, the harder it is to make friends. Therefore, the older you get, the more you hate everybody.

This true story is an example of why the older we get, the more antisocial we are.

‘Now, I do not have friends. I get on well just with my family, especially with my siblings and my cousins. Except for that, I cannot stand anybody else.

I used to have a lot of friends. I was a very sociable person. I made friends everywhere I went. I met some good friends and I felt really happy. I never used to be shy.

I revealed some important things to the people I considered my best friends. I knew that they could understand me. I felt that they knew my soul thoroughly. They would not go anywhere. We would have children at the same time. We would grow up them as best friends, too.

I believed that these people would be my best friends forever. We were so closed to each other. I admit that I loved and respected them more than my close relatives.

However, as the years went by, when I graduated from school, when I grew up and matured, when a found a job, things started to change.

All of my best friends left me alone. All of them broke my heart. They all went away. All of those friends that I thought would be my best friends forever left me.

However, I admit that I was responsible for the deterioration of my friendships. I do not blame other people for that. Nevertheless, I felt bad about it at first. I did not want to lose my best friends.

I felt that I was trying hard and I was giving more than I was getting back. When I stopped putting all my effort into my friendships, all my friends went away.

Besides that, other things in my life went bad, too. I did a lot of bad things in my life. Some of my friends did, too. We could not put up with it. Neither of us could fix the damage that we made. We all took different paths, instead.

One thing that is true about friends is that they always go away. Even though it sounds sad, it is true.

I found out that the older people get, the harder it is to make friends. Thus, the older we get, the more antisocial we become. The strangest thing is that this is OK, because:

The older we get, the less bullshit we are willing to tolerate
While we are young, we want to have a lot of friends. We do not care of what other people think about us. To make people love us, we do a lot of embarrassing and shameful things.

This inclines is to look for toxic friendships. We are not aware of and cannot see the warning signs of being treated badly.

As we get older, we are less eager to put up with that bullshit. I think that if somebody is not going to put an effort into a friendship to make it strong, they can go away immediately. If it means losing my best friends, I will not make new ones. And I do not care about it.

I prefer spending time on my own rather than with people who make me feel lonely.
The older we get, the less we care about making new friends

I realized that making friends is not a priority in my life. I have seen how people behave. I do not want to make friends and to lose them. I finished it. It is done.

However, I am still a chatty and friendly person. I go out with people, chat up with them, but I do not let them in my life. I do not tell them things about my life. I do not become weak.

I do not make new friends anymore. I have a family and I feel good. When we get older, we are not keen on making new friends. I made a lot of new friends in the past and they left me, so I ended alone.

The older we get, the less we trust other people

When I was a child, I believed and trusted people with my life. However, when I got older, I realized that people are cruel. They are selfish and do not care about you.

I was shocked when I saw how my best friends left me with an incredible ease. That made me aware of people’s cruelty and helped me to walk away easily.
The older you get, the more you take care of yourself

As soon as you start taking care of yourself rather than of other people, things will start to change. This change happens between the early adulthood and the real adulthood.

You stop doing things to make other people feel good and you start doing things to satisfy your own needs. This will deteriorate a lot of friendships. As soon as you let people treat you badly, a lot of people will not see you useful anymore.

The older you get, the less you take care of friends. Therefore, start improving your own life. Best friends will always leave you. You will stay forever’.


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