18 Personality Traits Of People With True Integrity


Integrity is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It is the rarest personality trait and it involves being honest and having strong moral principles. People with integrity know what to do to contribute the society and we can recognize them easily since they all share same personality traits. Here are some of them:

  1. They are trustworthy

These people are reliable and trustworthy. Once they have gained your trust they will do their best to keep it.

  1. They are honest

People with integrity never lie. They want to get what they need in life without lying and they build relationships based on trust.

  1. They are authentic

These people have truly authentic personality. They are unobtrusive and want others to accept them as they are.

  1. They do good things

People with integrity always help others. That gives them a chance to improve other people’s lives.

  1. They are modest

They seem unaware of their own worth. They may do a lot of good things but their modesty prevents them to notice their acts of kindness.

  1. These people apologize first

People with integrity do make mistakes just like everyone else. So, if they have done something wrong they will apologize for it.

  1. They put their trust in others

If these people trust you, consider yourself as a lucky person. If they catch you in a lie, you will lose them forever.

  1. They are particularly kind towards vulnerable people

If you feel vulnerable or you lack positive energy, these people will do everything in their power to brighten up your day.

  1. They have very strong intuition

People with integrity are very intuitive. They can easily realize when something bad is going on. In case you are in a depressive mood, they will notice it without any difficulty.

  1. They see the good in others

They want to believe that all people are good. However, if you try to take advantage of them, they will cut you out of their lives.

  1. These people never argue with others

People with integrity will either talk through things in a polite manner or they won’t talk at all. They don’t feel like arguing over ridiculous things.

  1. They never take advantage of others

People with integrity never take advantage of others. Instead, they help them to find their purpose in life and reach their goals.

  1. They credit those who deserve that

These people will never take credit for something they haven’t done. Instead, they assign credit to those who deserve that. If you have helped them with a project, they will certainly mention your name so that you can get credit for your contribution.

  1. They value your time

People with integrity value other people’s time. They know that others have many other places where they are supposed to be and therefore they never hold them up.

  1. They are genuine

They will show their genuineness in many ways. For instance, they will make an effort to return the lost money or valuables to the original owner without expecting any reward for that.

  1. They are accountable

People with integrity have strong commitment standards. They have set goals and they strive to achieve them.

  1. They help others to achieve their goals too

If you tell your goals to these people, they will try to help you to accomplish them, since they have an innate urge to help others.

  1. People with integrity are generous

These people don’t treat others as second-class citizens. They consider people equal and they are highly generous.


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