9 Ways Empaths Protect Themselves From Negative Energy


Empathy is the ability to recognize and feel the emotions of others. Sympathy is a feeling of compassion towards other people. Often being an ” empath ” means that you absorb most of the suffering and pain of others, and this can negatively affect you.

If you have been in a room with a negative person, you know how toxic energy can be. Learning not to absorb the negative energy of others is a great spiritual skill. Here are 9 ways to protect yourself from the negative energy of other people.

1. Remember that you can not please everyone.

If someone complains about you, do not try to please this person. This will draw energy from you, and make you become energetically dependent on their opinion. Not everyone will love you. People live on this planet for a different purpose. Love yourself, first of all and you will create a powerful field that will protect you from the influence of other people’s opinions.

Also remember that you can’t change everything. Don’t make it your mission. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just not absorb the energy that people are projecting onto you.

2. Carefully invite other people into your life.

Your body, mind and immediate environment are your temple. Who are you going to invite inside? Is this an open invitation? Should people wipe their feet before they go in, or is it okay if they pull dirt into your soul? It’s great to be generous, but there is a fine line that must be adhered to so that you will not be trampled. Learn to say ” no ” and don’t feel bad about it.

3. Stop paying attention to energy vampires.

A parasite needs a master to survive. When you pay attention to someone else, you give them your energy. Energy vampires will steal your thoughts, reducing your energy supply. Some people will drop their negative energy on you, and then go to the next victim.

Maybe someone close pours out their frustrations at work, in relationships or even successful achievements. All these emotions can deplete you and change your life not in the best way.

4. Spend time in nature

Go out into nature, meditate, rest and breathe. Exercise. Move like a butterfly: gently, but quickly.

Breathing increases the circulation throughout the body and helps prevent the absorption of energy from the people around you. Walk with self-confidence, raise your head up, and don’t let anyone spoil your mood.

5. Take on 100% responsibility for your thoughts and emotions.

The way you feel is 100% your responsibility. The universe sends people into our lives to test us. Our perception of ourselves is stronger than the perception of others. You are not a victim, and no one has power over you. Think about how your thoughts or expectations are manifested in a situation that bothers you. What if everything depends on your level of patience, irritability, or compassion?

Once you take responsibility for your reactions, you will connect with yourself on a deeper level.

6. Learn how to release negative emotions

Negative energy is fed by negative emotions. It’s ok and it’s normal that you sometimes feel sad, angry or frustrated. But the problem is when you do not deal with these negative emotions and they begin to rot … that makes you feel bad for a long time.

If you feel you need to cry, do it somewhere where you feel safe. If you feel you need loneliness, allow yourself to spend some time alone. And if you feel the need to talk to someone, open up to a person you trust.

7. Don’t take things too seriously

Just relax. Let things just be and observe them. Remind yourself of this every day and every time you are around people. Most people just want to talk, they don’t ask for an advice or someone to help them. And most of the things are not as bad as your amygdala makes them.

8. Load the phone with positive music

Every time you feel negative energy or anxiety, just put your headphones, play some positive music and let the positive vibes protect you. Sing. Dance if you want to.

9. Love yourself

Create your own situations that increase your energy level. Do you feel good next to this person? Is this person okay with you? You deserve a brilliant experience, and it’s time to realize this.

The science of protecting oneself from the energies of other people begins with self-love. Remember that you are worthy of peace and happiness. Remember that this is normal and you are the creator of your energy.


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