12 signs you are becoming the person you are meant to be


Have you noticed how people change as time passes by? Even though most of these changes are intentional, some of them happen as a result of people’s experience. Change represents the only constant thing in the world.

Here are some signs which indicate that you are becoming the person you are meant to be:

1. You do not mind being on your own

Even though you do not prefer solitude, you sometimes want to be on your own. You start understanding that there are very few people who share the same opinions and thoughts as you and even though you prefer the same things, you are completely different.

What is more important is that you realize the significance of saving and preserving your energy and time. You do not allow other people to drain your energy, too. Even though most of the time you feel isolated, you are proud of your independency. You are on your way to become the person you are meant to be.

2. You can easily let go of unhealthy relationships

As you are honest, you know what you want a person to possess. You are aware of your values and you will not be satisfied with anything less important. You avoid spending your time on unhealthy relationships and disrupting people, who prevent you from being yourself.

You will feel guilty and angry towards losing some friends, but you are brave to let go of toxic relationships. Namely, you start realizing that letting go of unhealthy relationships is a benefit for you. You will realize that as times goes by, you have many acquaintances, but very few friends.

3. You are not perfect even though you are worth it

You can accept your faults and mistakes without hindering your defense mechanism. Criticism helps you to become better. You do not get offended when someone tries to correct you. Moreover, you do not get angry when you cannot achieve something, but you strive to get better at thing that you are keen on.

4. You no longer trust people as you did before

You no longer let other people read you as they want. You try to select your friends wisely and carefully. You have very few chosen friends. You need time to understand if someone is worthy of your time and trust. However, when you learn to believe in some people, you will be devoted to them and will do your best to maintain the relationship.

5. You often feel that your life is boring

You invest your time mainly in yourself. But you are often dissatisfied with your life, you always know that there is more to achieve. You avoid small talks and trivial conversations with people who do not mean anything to you. Your perfect weekend includes either watching a film all day or staying in bed with a cup of coffee and a book. Sometimes, you prefer hanging out with friends.

6. You value time a lot

You tend to question yourself several times before you invest your time and yourself on something. You value your own time and you know what exactly you want in your life. You avoid spending time on trivial things that only distract you from achieving your goals.

7. You understand the feeling of sadness

There are days when you are hopeful, but also there are days when you are out of form. However, your picky and strong mentality does not let you release your own feelings. You know that it is a part of your life and you deal up with it successfully.

8. You realize that you have problems with yourself

Sometimes, you realize that you have problems to deal up with, concerning your mood, trust or anxiety. You will understand how, when and why these problems occur and what the best way to fix them is.

9. You feel that you are running out of time

You often feel that 24 hours per day are not enough. You are always busy and do not have time to sleep enough. You find it difficult to find time for yourself and the people you care of. You will always have something to do and you strive to achieve all of your responsibilities. This indicates your strong determination to be successful in life.

10. You regret the mistakes you have made in the past

You always blame yourself for the mistakes you have done in the past. You realize that you have done something wrong and you want things to go back as they used to be. However, you know that regret is the only thing that will help you not to make the same mistake again.

11. You miss your childhood, family and loved people

Living alone and separated form your loved ones is not easy at all. You look back at your past constantly. However, you do not give up, as you know that your success will be a gift for your loved ones.

12. You feel anxious and confused about your future

Even though you look strong, you often look confused and anxious about your future. You tend to question yourself what you need and what your purpose in life is. However, even though you are confused and anxious, you can complete your work and responsibilities on time.