Partners Who Are Not Ashamed To Fart In Front Of Each Other Have Long Relationships


Do you find farting shocking? Have you ever had difficulty being close and intimate with your partner? This happens often and is common even in long-lasting relationships.

People find it hard to be completely real in front of their partners and try to avoid doing things that they find unpleasant, like farting. However, even though people try to avoid farting in front of their partners, it can be beneficial for enhancing their relationship.

People avoid farting in front of their partners, because they do not prefer doing unpleasant things in front of them. On the other hand, they want to show the best of themselves and try hard to impress them. Therefore, people would rather do unreal things instead of looking silly in front of their partners.

According to Leah Decesare, the author of ‘Naked Parenting’, people should not find it difficult to do unpleasant things in front of their partners. This includes farting, too.

In her book, she described the moment when she farted in front of her husband. Even though it was 20 years ago, she still remembers that moment. After hearing her fart, the first impression of her husband was that he wanted to marry her.

After this, they felt closer to each other and they knew that they would always be together. She added that partners are more likely to have a strong relationship if they are comfortable with each other. Leah admits that farting in front of your partner creates empathy, thus making you closer and stronger than ever.

Being comfortable to fart in front of your partner means that you trust him / her, and this is vital for maintaining a long relationship. Being comfortable to fart in front of your partner means that you are intimate and close to each other. Like crying, laughing and eating in front of your partner, farting should be a normal process.

According to Dr. Oz, it is unhealthy to hold it in, as it can lead to stomach pain, bloating and stomach cramps. As you share other private things with your partner, you should not ignore this one.

Be sincere to make your relationship strong and lasting. Be natural and do not avoid doing normal things in front of your partner. In this way, you will create and maintain a strong foundation. Fating is a part of this, too.

It is only a sign of your intimate and close connection to your partner. Moreover, fating can make you laugh together, so a couple that laughs on their own is a happy couple forever.



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