Harvard Believes That This 22 Year Old Physics Genius Is The Next Einstein


At the age of 14, Sabrina Gonzales Pasterski showed up into MIT’s offices to seek approval for the single-engine plane she has built. However, 8 years later, she became a MIT graduate with a Ph.D. from Harvard.

Now, she is in search of answers to the most complex questions regarding the field of physics.

As a result, she was offered a job by the founder of the Amazon.com. NASA, on the other hand, has shown interest in this extremely talented young physicist as well, especially because she is interested in black holes. Namely, she is trying to explain gravity through the viewpoint of quantum mechanics.

Unlike most people at her age, she isn’t a fan of the social media. She doesn’t even want to use a smart-phone. She has created her own website, PhysicsGirl.com, where she posts details regarding her achievements.

Sabrina was put on the wait-list when she applied to MIT for the first time. However, she attracted the attention of Allen Haggerty, a Harvard professor who saw a video of her building single-handedly a single-engine airplane. The video is uploaded to YouTube.

This left him speechless and he immediately recognized her outstanding potential.
When she was 16, she piloted the aircraft herself over Lake Michigan, thus becoming the youngest person in the world who has flown their own plane.

After being accepted at MIT, she graduated with the highest possible score. Even Andrew Strominger, who is working with Stephen Hawking on a paper, has spoken really well about this girl. She was also given thousands of dollars by the Hertz Foundation.

Now she is working on her doctorate and the Harvard University has granted her full freedom without any interference from the staff. This alone speaks a lot about her intelligence and prowess.

In 2012, Sabrina was named to the annual Scientific American’s ″30 under 30″ list for her reputation as a physicist.

Moreover, the National Science Foundation is supporting her for her works and achievements as well.

Sabrina considers physics as the most exciting part of her life. According to her, there are no limits and the word ″impossible″ for her is a real challenge.