How To Recognize If He Is Secretly In Love With You


Love is not an easy thing. Compared to dating, love can be really tricky. Very often, men do not express their feelings and it is very hard even impossible to read their mind especially when it comes to determining whether they truly love their partner or not.

Fortunately, women do not have to force their boyfriends to express their love or say the magical words “I love you’. All women want to hear these words but for men to say them it is a huge thing.

Also, some men are not very vocal at expressing their emotions and they may show their love in different ways. Namely, they may use unspoken signs and gestures which can be interpreted as true love.

For example, when a man pays attention to everything his partner says and is interested in everything related to his partner’s life, that is a sign that he cares about her.

Being a gentleman at all times i.e. opening the door, pulling out the chair and the like is another signal that he is really into his partner.

Furthermore, a man truly loves his woman when he takes care of her and makes her life better and more comfortable. He does this by including her in his goals and plans for the future. He is also very protective and does not want to see his woman hurt.

He is always there to help, he wants to hear everything about his partner’s day and to share everything in his life with her. If these signals are not convincing enough, the following will surely reveal that a man truly loves his woman.

When a man loves a woman, he puts his ego aside and does not allow petty arguments get in the way of their relationship.

He shows respect towards her in every occasion. He has interest in everything that she says, he never interrupts her during conversations, his eyes are always on her because she is the prettiest woman in his eyes. Most importantly, a man in love sacrifices his happiness.

For example, he would agree to watch the film she chose or sleep on the less soft and less fluffy pillow.

He will always make an effort to make her happy and feel special. He would never argue and stay mad at her but instead he would always stand up for her even if she is wrong.

Finally, he would never forget her birthday or anniversary and would even make an extra effort to make these occasions more special.

He would always choose her regardless of how attractive the other option is and this is the greatest sign that he is in love and that she is his priority and number one.