Who Is The Most Hard To Love Zodiac Sign (Ranking)



They are independent and self-confident, maybe one of the most independent in the whole zodiac signs. They usually think before they say something. Because of this a lot of people think they are stable and rational.

If you are in a relationship with a Virgo you should know that it can be hard. They always built a wall around them and in order to tear it down you have to be very persuasive. If you do that you can learn how amazing they can be.


They are famous and they do not know what they want. Sometimes they act like children. At one point, they are calm and happy and next thing you know they are mad and furious.

Sometimes they can be negative as partners. That is why it is hard for them to be in long-term relationships. They are immature as well.


They always want to argue and they are impulsive. They will never settle down and they are very immature.

They want to try new and exciting things; they avoid relationships because they think that being in a relationship is boring. They will be happy if they find someone to be adventurous with.


They are calm and quiet. They mostly do not open to other people. It is difficult to understand them and discover them. They need a person who can make them comfortable and a person they can feel sure with.


They are loyal and trustworthy. They are very good employees and they are very good in a relationship. They do not want to be underestimated. For this reason they can mix business with relationships. If they find a person they can trust they are perfect partners.


They doubt everything and they are emotional as well. It is hard for them to make decisions. However, when it comes to love they are giving their heart and love with their entire hearth. No other sign can love as them.

7. LEO

They are the most self-confident sigh and they are proud of themselves. They are very independent as well. If you have a relationship with them you have to know that sometimes they are very selfish. However, they are so wonderful that you cannot resist them. They make everything boring to be exciting.


They are passionate and very romantic. They want to convince their partner that they are the only one for them and they devote all of their attention to them.
They can be your teacher, best friend, and your partner in crime. When you need anything they will be there for you.


They are very stubborn and very devoted. Once they fall in love with you, they will not let you go. They will give and share everything they have and the reason is because they want you to see their partner happy. They work hard and they are honest. If you are dating them, you should keep them.


They care for everyone. This means that they want people to be carefree and happy. This means they will do the exact thing for their partner. They want their partner to be happy and satisfied. They want to make their partners happy and they spread love as much as they can.


This zodiac sign is very emotional and very honest. If they want to be with you, they will tell you everything. They won’t hide from you anything. Being with them will make you the happiest person in the world.


They will show you the ideal picture of being love and love. They deeply care for their partners and their relationships are healthy. They are forgiving and patient. The only thing they need from you is devotion and love.


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