Things You’ll Experience When Your Third Eye Opens


The Third Eye or also known as The Eye of Insight is an important and powerful energy centre. It is located in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows.

It is an invisible egg-shaped eye inside the skull. It is an inner eye and has very deep personal spiritual and psychological significance.

All creation springs from it. If activated, it can create a whole new world of enlightenment. Namely, it gives higher perception and creates a sense of cosmic awareness.

People who have their 3rd Eye Chakra activated are also called ‘Seers’ because with it they can transfer telepathic messages, receive prophetic messages and visions, see spirits and ghosts. The school of ‘Theosophy’ claims that the Third Eye is related to the pineal gland.

More precisely, the human race actually had a real Third Eye with extraordinary abilities and functions. However, as a result of the decay of the human divine origin it started shrinking thus becoming the pineal gland. By doing certain exercises and following certain rules, a person can actually grow the Third Eye back.

However, sometimes it may happen to have the Third Eye opened accidently. In such cases the person may face many problems. Actually, there are good ways to open the eye and thus the difficulties can be avoided. The practicing of Raja Yoga may open the Third Eye Chakra without any problems.

The usual problems or “symptoms” which may occur are manifested as problems with the sight, the hearing, the smell and headaches. There are also some signs which show that the Third Eye has accidently opened.

For example, colors may seem brighter, you may feel strange smells, feel or hear things that do not exist. The easiest way to perceive all these things is through your dreams which may become more intense and force you to seek medical sleeping help. Another common symptoms are headaches and feeling of heaviness which are caused by the imbalance of the chakras. In such cases medical consultation is recommended.

The accidental opening of the Third Eye can also create a feeling of being detached from the real world like living in a dream and the reason for this is because the Third Eye connects you to other realms.

Finally, you may feel rapid changes in your dynamics i.e. it may reveal the truth faster than expected which in return can cause termination of many relationships and difficulties in handling that overflow of information.




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