Woman Spends 14 Years Taking Pictures Of The World’s Oldest Trees


Do you know that there are thousand-year-old trees on the planet? Some of them even precede the existence of Christianity and Islam. The 5.062-year old Pinus Longaeva is the oldest stand-alone tree, whereas the 80.000-year old Pando is the oldest clonal tree in the world.

Beth Moon, a photographer from San Francisco, traveled all over the world for the last 14 years to take pictures of the most amazing old trees that she could find. She explained that she believed that those symbolic ancient trees would take on a greater importance, especially at a time when her focus was directed at finding better ways to live with the environment. Many of the trees she has photographed survived, as they are out of human activity and reach of civilization: on private estates, mountainsides, on protected or isolated lands.

In 2014, Beth published all her photographs in a book ‘Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time’, which described the cultural and natural history of each tree.

Below you can take a look at her journey. Enjoy it.

Source: superhv.com

If you would like to purchase Beth Moon’s book, you can do so HERE


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