This 90-Year Old Grandma Changed The Look Of Her Village


Anezka (Agnes) Kasparkova, who is a 90-year-old resident of Louka (a rural area located in Czech Republic), decided to make her village just as beautiful and charming as the images of a small village in Poland that went viral not long ago.

Namely, the Polish village called Zalipie was covered in wonderful floral paintings. The mission to beautify the village started years ago in order to cover soot marks from ovens because at that time there wasn’t sufficient ventilation.

As a result more and more villagers started painting the walls of their homes and ever since 1948 the village of Zalipie has held a Painted Cottage Contest called Malowana Chata.

The main purpose of this competition was to help Poland to recover from the atrocities that affected the country in World War II.

Agnes, the 90-year-old woman from Czech Republic, decided to cover her hometown in beautiful floral paintings as well. During the winter she pauses due to the cold weather, but in spring and summer she continues her mission.

Agnes uses bright blue paint to brighten up the homes in her town and her favorite space for painting is the village chapel.

She revealed for the Czech media that she is a former agricultural worker and her hobby soon became her passion. She also added that not only does she want to help but she also enjoys painting because she is an artist.

She uses paint and a small brush to create intricate floral patterns. The traditional Moravian motifs are her major inspiration and she doesn’t plan out her artwork in advance. Instead, she lets her imagination to decide the final results.

This grandma is a living proof of the saying that age is just a number. She teaches us that we should embrace our creativity and do what we want in order to be happy.



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