Ancient Manuscript Shows How To Obtain Energy From The Universe


Picatrix, an old magical grimoire, contains lots of spells and rituals that tell us how to gain and use the energy from the Cosmos. By using this energy, the practitioner can get endless power.

Reports state that ”Ghayat al Hakim” or the Picatrix may be the most significant book on astrological power. Written in Arabic in 1000 A.D., it is like a powerful encyclopedia that is larger than any other magical book or medieval grimoire. It was translated into Latin by Alfonso the Wise in 1256.

David Pingree, a researcher, has named it as ”the most complete exposition of celestial magic in Arabic” and has defined it as ”Arabic texts on Sabianism, Hermeticism, Ismailism, alchemy, magic and astrology created in the East in the 9th and 10th century A.D.”.

Picatrix consists of four books:

”Of the heavens and the effects they cause through images made under them” – 1st book

”Of the figures and of the heavens in general, and of the general motion of sphere, and of their effects in his world” – 2nd book

”Of the properties of the planets and signs, and of their figures and forms made in their colors, and how one may speak with the spirits of the planets, and of many other magical workings” – 3rd book

”Of the properties of spirits, and of those things that are necessary to observe in this most excellent art, and how they may be summoned with images, suffumigations and other things” – 4th book

All the books are divided into chapters, including information about the planets, sun and moon, garments, colors, stones, magic, natural order of things and other astrological topics.

Moreover, it is thought that the Picatrix was written by Abu-Maslama Muhammad, an astronomer, alchemist and mathematician of Al-Andalus, who obtained knowledge from the Middle East in from the 8th – 9th century.

The Picatrix contains more than astrology and numerology. Bizarre recipes, containing opium, hashish and different psychoactive plants that affect consciousness and cause altered states, are also included. Some parts of the book teach us how to come in contact with spirits by using sperm, blood, earwax, urine, saliva and tears.

In the past, magic had a strong relation with spirituality. As a result of it, old grimoires have recently become a valuable knowledge.

Not only does the Picatrix give you an insight into lunar calendars and ritual magic, but it also teaches you where the base of astronomy, astrology and other mysticism forms has come from.

Because the knowledge has passed through numerous generation most of it has been transformed although some of it remained intact.

The Picatrix and its astrological descriptions and spells have been translated by lots of cultures over the centuries, and continue to attract followers from all over the world.

The content of this old grimoire is fascinating and in it followers find references to talismanic magic and astrological reference to plants, animals, metals, stones, etc.

Interestingly, not only does the Picatrix explain how to create and obtain magical talismans and statues, but it also talks about cities constructed by using the principles of astrological magic.

Reference: Core Spirit