The First Word You See Reveals A Lot About Your Subconscious Personality


What is the first word that comes to your mind when you look at the image below? The word you see first reveals a lot about your subconscious mind. Look at the following answers and find out their meaning:

1. If you see the word: LOVER

This means that you have a lively subconscious personality. You are an extrovert and you enjoy socializing. People consider you as an intriguing person, which can be both refreshing and exciting.

You are also a real conversationalist and an attention-seeker who knows how to make other people curious. Everyone enjoys your company because you are an interesting and unpredictable person.

2. If you see the word: LOWER

This implies that you have a dominating subconscious personality. You are courageous and willing to seize all opportunities.

You strive to make your relationships and career more exciting and you know how to ease other people’s fears since you always encourage them to take the first step. There are never dull moments when you are around.

3. If you see the word: LOSER

If you see this word you have an honest subconscious personality. You are straightforward and you never hesitate to tell the truth, regardless of how painful it may be.

That is why people consider you as a reliable and trustworthy person. They love your company because you make them feel safe.

4. If you see the word: LONER

You are a deeply analytical and mindful person. You are an over-thinker, since your thoughts constantly occupy your mind and you tend to analyze every situation in detail. One of your best personality traits is your exceptional creativity.


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